Our mission is  to ‘Creating a sport and leisure community based facility for active spaces and healthy people,’ we aim to provide the best layout, well equipped, easily accessible and affordable facility in our local community, whilst achieving good social interaction, promoting physical activity and sport development objectives.

To make a real difference, we’re simply driven to motivate our communities and kindle their enthusiasm for increased physical activity and good health, by providing the means and motivation to help them achieve this, in the ways they love most.

Understanding the sport, leisure, social and health needs of the community, is a characteristic that is important to us. We have a deep understanding and respect for our community and their need for spaces designed to make a difference to all and to help people reach their fitness, sport and health goals.

As a social responsibility enterprise, our efforts are utilized to develop quality services and facilities and to widen the opportunities for all sectors, and across the lifespan of the community to participate in physical and health related activities.